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Job Description

The Investigative Support Analyst supports Inspection Service criminal programs, including, but not limited to, mail fraud, narcotics, prohibited mailings, money laundering, and organized crime. This position will provide intelligence analyst support services to a multi-agency fusion center operation focusing on narcotics trafficking. The ideal candidate will have experience using cyber intelligence tools and software tools to actively search and mine the publicly available Internet and the dark web/deep web; an advanced understanding of the methods used by cyber-criminals to hide themselves on the Internet, and how cyber-criminals conduct online business; and knowledge of the various market places and forums where cyber-criminals operate. The analyst shall be capable of using technology solutions to actively search, analyze and prioritize the various market places and cyber-criminals to identify high value targets for the USPIS investigators.

Annual Salary

The compensation being offered will be an hourly rate of $48.84. This is an equivalent of $93,771.99 if you were to work the available 160 hours each month. You would also be eligible for all the benefits offered by WRG including sick leave, a 401(k) plan and an opportunity to participate in our Health, Vision and Dental programs.


Washington, DC

Skills and Ability Requirements

  • General knowledge of federal statutes;
  • Experience supporting narcotics investigations;
  • Experience tracking money laundering and structuring activities of transnational criminal organizations;
  • Ability to analyze data and interpret patterns and trends;
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing sufficient to express thoughts and ideas to a variety of people;
  • Proficiency conducting research on the internet and commercial as well as public databases;
  • Experience assisting in the development of civil and/or criminal cases for presentation to the appropriate prosecution authority;
  • Extensive experience performing the appropriate analytical techniques and methods during an investigation;
  • Experience with visual tools as Microstrategy, Tableau and/or i2 Analyst Notebook;
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a task force environment; and
  • Extensive experience supporting the preparation of a final work product.

Work Duties and Tasks

Include, but are not limited to:

Intelligence Gathering and Assessment

Evaluate Internet information from social media, chats, forums, dark net, Tor network, news feeds, internet relay chats and other sources of data openly available on the Internet. Perform a prioritized assessment of the data to identify the most critical and reliable data in order to identify: bitcoins, locations, accounts, services, travels, email addresses, IP addresses and other pattern of life data in an effort to determine physical attribution of an Internet identity.

Data Analysis

Analyze data to identify and interpret patterns and trends, assess data quality and eliminate irrelevant data; present findings in reports and presentations in non-technical terminology to various audiences.

Reporting Responsibilities

Responsible for documenting and reporting analytical results, creating graphic displays and reports that present clear and concise representations of the information analyzed; and disseminating data as required by the assigned task(s).

Preparatory Investigation

Assist Inspectors with developing intelligence for criminal investigations prompted by activity identified against the Postal Service. Prepare initial investigative research for possible referral. The compilation of basic background information will include researching all pertinent usps.com data, existing USPIS information and can also include intelligence from third-party entities such as other corporate or government victims, Lexis-Nexis and law enforcement databases.

Required Education and Work Experience

A Bachelors’ Degree from an accredited college or university AND a minimum of five years’ experience demonstrating the ability to review financial information, conduct analysis, conduct research, and communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Required Security Clearance

A current Top Secret Clearance is required.

Additional Information

When communicating with West River Group about this position, include your email address, and use the Task Order designation FY19-004.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $48.84 /hour


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)


  • TS/SCI Clearance (Required)

How to apply

contact us!!!


United States District of Columbia Washington